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Proudly servicing the New York, Tri-State Area for nearly 20 years. Miami FL office coming soon

L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC’s life insurance policies do more than you think, from covering the mortgage debt, paying for your children's college fee, providing income replacement, and safeguarding your life savings.

We encourage you to explore our life insurance policies to determine the best option or combination of options for your family.

Our coverage options include:

  • Term life insurance
    • Our term life insurance provides coverage for a given period and is renewable after that period is up. In an event the insured person dies during that particular time, all the benefits will be paid to the beneficiary.
  • Permanent life insurance
    • Permanent life insurance will cover your whole Life. The policy is designed to provide lifelong financial protection as long as the policy is active.

Mortgage debt benefits

Your home is probably your family's largest asset. Similarly, it may also be their largest financial responsibility if you're still committed to repaying a mortgage. A decreasing term life policy is a type of insurance that can be used to repay the mortgage debt in the event the ledger passes on.

Unlike the traditional life insurance policies that pay death benefits when the borrower dies, a mortgage debt policy does not pay unless the borrower passes on and the mortgage itself will still be in existence.

Funeral cost benefits

Funeral costs can be expensive, and nobody wants to be counting pennies after the death of a loved one.

A burial life insurance policy is a cash policy, meaning it builds cash value over time. While the premiums do not change, it provides permanent coverage to all the funeral costs including cemetery plot and headstone, funeral service, funeral procession, and other costs.

Children's College Education benefits

With the steadily rising expenses in The Bronx, and throughout New York, raising a family has become tougher. As college fees are expected to continue climbing, let L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC in the Bronx, NY help you plan for your child's education expenses. It has never been more important to have money saved for your kids future, even if you're not there to see them.

Income replacement

If you die today, would your family and loved ones have enough financial security to live comfortably? Life insurance for income replacement is a smart & affordable way to protect your income and family. Income replacement ensures that your family retains its standards of living even if you're not there.

Miscellaneous debts

If you pass away, you do not want to leave your family in a quagmire of debts. A life insurance policy covers the obligations for your family. Some of the common liabilities include hospital charges, car loans, credit, soft loans, monthly utility bills, and rent.

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Our Bronx, NY agents at L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC take pride in helping our New York neighbors find the comfort they want when it comes to life insurance policies. Reach out to us or visit our office and we can help guide you through the process of what you need when it comes to insurance. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance.

Please note that insurance carriers and coverage limits vary by state.

"Proudly servicing the New York, Tri-State Area for nearly 20 years. Miami FL office coming soon.."


Coming soon...

"Proudly servicing the New York, Tri-State Area for nearly 20 years. Miami FL office coming soon.."

Coming soon