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Commercial Insurance That Makes Sense for Freelancers

We at L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC know that being a freelancer in the Bronx, NY can be a tough process. As a result, we think it’s important for you to find a commercial insurance policy that makes sense for your needs.

Here’s what coverage types might make sense for you:

Liability Protection 

Make sure that your insurance policy has basic liability concerns to help with injuries or property damage. After all, your apartment or house is where you’ll likely work, and this protection can keep you safe. Umbrella policies might even be necessary if you provide potentially dangerous coverage. 

Cybersecurity Protection 

You probably do a lot of your business online – which means you need insurance to keep your data safe. It’s critically important to take steps to mitigate these risks before you ever get put into a problematic situation. However, insurance can avoid long-lasting problems if they do occur. 

Interruption Protection 

Have you ever lost internet connection for days or even had equipment stolen from your home? That’s a serious issue that can disrupt your business. Thankfully, this type of insurance policy will protect you and mitigate your potential risks while you can’t operate. 

Other Types to Consider 

Here are a few other commercial insurance options to consider for your freelance work:

  • Commercial insurance for your business-oriented vehicles 
  • Property insurance for your company’s items, like computers and furniture 
  • Special event protection if you have to go to various industry events 
  • Intellectual property protection if you work in a creative job

We Are Here To Help

At L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC, we have years of experience helping people like you get high-quality insurance that makes sense for their needs. If you’re a Bronx, NY freelancer who needs commercial coverage, contact our team to get the support that makes sense for your needs.

What Everyone Should Know About Home Insurance

Practically every mortgage company in the country requires homeowners to have some level of coverage through a home insurance policy. Typically, these policies cover things such as damage to the home’s interior and exterior, personal liability, and theft. Should disaster strike in the Bronx, NY area, home insurance can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are a few things you need to know when shopping for a policy:

What Is Covered

In most cases, if your home faces a disaster such as a fire, hurricane, or other event, the insurance company will cover the cost of repairs and replacements. However, be sure to ask what events and what aspects of your home and belongings are covered as well as how you’ll receive the compensation.

What Isn’t Covered

Though most policies will cover common natural disasters, some events such as floods and earthquakes may not be covered under a general policy. Additionally, some personal items may be excluded from coverage. It’s always best to ask for a list of included or excluded items and events so you know what to expect in a crisis.

How Your Rates Are Determined

Most types of insurance have rates set according to risk factors, and home insurance is no different. Each company has its own formula to assess risks, and because of this, the prices you are quoted can vary dramatically – even from one year to the next.

Get the Coverage You Need With Help From L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC

If you’re in the Bronx, NY area and need help finding the right home insurance policy for you, give the team at L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC a call today! We can’t wait to speak to you.

3 Ways Auto Insurance Protects Your Vehicle

Protecting your vehicle with the right auto insurance policy is an important way to increase your peace of mind and keep your assets safe. But if you’re not sure how insurance can help, or you don’t know which policy to pick, it’s important to get some guidance. If you’re in the Bronx, NY area, L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC can give you the information you need to choose a quality auto policy.

Here are three great ways that coverage can protect you:

1. Claim Coverage for Vehicle Damage

Getting into an accident can be frightening and frustrating. If you have good coverage, though, you can feel confident that your vehicle’s minor to moderate damage can be repaired. Not only that, but you might have an easier time getting through the process, and the support you get from your agent can be significant during that time. The right coverage is the best way to protect your vehicle properly.

2. Reduced Risk of Loss

For larger claims that could mean your vehicle can’t be repaired, proper coverage can help you get another vehicle. Of course, that depends on the specifics of your auto policy, what type of coverage you have, and your coverage limits. Working with your agent to review and make any needed adjustments will help.

3. Protection From Other Drivers

You also want to protect your vehicle from the harm other drivers can do. When you review and update your policy through your agent, you can feel comfortable with the coverage in this area. Then you can drive without worry, knowing your policy is doing its job.

Schedule A Consultation Today

If you’re in the Bronx, NY area and looking for quality auto insurance, get in touch with us at L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC. We can help you get the right policy for your specific needs.

Life Insurance Beyond Income Replacement: How It Can Support Financial Goals

Often associated with income replacement, life insurance is a versatile asset that extends its reach beyond this primary function. Here at L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC, providing life insurance to residents in the greater Bronx, NY area, we want to help you learn more about how life insurance can help to support your financial goals when you pass away.

 Life Insurance & Financial Goals

Legacy Enrichment

Life insurance can metamorphose into a legacy, securing the financial future of your heirs. This infusion of funds supports endeavors like education or entrepreneurial ventures.

Safeguarding Mortgages

Shield your family’s home from financial turmoil due to an unexpected demise. Life insurance acts as a buffer, settling mortgage debts and preventing foreclosure.

Augmenting Retirement

Certain policies, such as whole life insurance, accumulate cash value. This value serves as an extra retirement fund or emergency resource.

Estate Tax Solution

For sizable estates, life insurance offers liquidity to cover estate taxes, preserving your legacy without burdening heirs.

Fostering Giving

Fuse philanthropy with insurance. Designating a charity as a beneficiary ensures a lasting impact on causes you hold dear.

Business Continuity

Business owners can ensure seamless transitions by using life insurance to fund necessary arrangements.

Long-Term Care Assurance

Some policies have riders that cover long-term care, bolstering financial stability during challenging times.

Life insurance transcends conventional norms, adapting to various financial scenarios. Integrating life insurance into your financial plan strategically can create an enduring impact that resonates far beyond typical coverage. If you’re ready to purchase a new policy in the greater Bronx, NY region, the team at L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC can help yu purchase the life insurance policy that helps to support your financial goals. Call us to get started.

What Small Business Owners Need To Know About Commercial Insurance

As a small business owner, you no doubt wear many hats each day. There are a lot of moving pieces that go into running a successful company, and one crucial piece is insurance coverage. A business requires different types of insurance coverage in order to remain safely protected from unexpected expenses. At L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC, we can help business owners in Bronx, NY and the surrounding areas better understand their commercial insurance options. 

Understanding Commercial Insurance 

Commercial insurance policies are specially designed to help business owners cover all of their bases when it comes to insurance. You will need different types of coverage for different aspects of your business. Having different policies for each area can be overwhelming, expensive, and confusing. A well-designed commercial insurance policy will streamline these different types of coverage for you.

Commercial Insurance Coverage Areas

When you purchase commercial insurance, you can have the policy customized to meet your particular needs. Here are a few of the common coverage areas that you may want.

Property damage– If you have a brick-and-mortar location for your business, you will need property damage coverage. This type of coverage will pay for the repair or replacement of property or equipment that is lost or stolen under certain types of claims.

Liability– Liability coverage will provide payments in the event that you are held liable for injuries or damage that may occur on your property, because of your goods or services, or at the hands of an employee. This is an important type of coverage to have in place.

We Can Help!

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance, please contact us at L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC serving Bronx, NY and the surrounding areas.  

Four things you’ll love about your home insurance policy

If you own a home in the Bronx, NY, carrying home insurance is important. Are you looking for an insurance provider in your area? L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC provides home insurance policies with plenty of benefits that you’ll love.

The following are four things you’ll love about your home insurance policy:

Home insurance protects the investments you make in your home. 

It costs a lot of money to own a home. Without home insurance, your investment of this money could be lost if your home becomes destroyed or severely damaged.

With home insurance, you know you’ll be compensated for many possible types of damage that can occur. This protects the investments you make in your property. 

Home insurance makes being a homeowner less stressful.

While it’s great to own your own home, it can also be stressful since accidents can happen that damage your home and cost you money.

Having home insurance reduces some of the stress of being a homeowner by offering you financial security. 

Home insurance covers your liability expenses if you get sued. 

Homeowners are often considered liable for injuries that occur on their property. If a guest at your home becomes injured, you could be sued and responsible for the resulting medical bills. 

Home insurance protects the policyholder against liability expenses. This means that home insurance can pay for the expenses that result from a lawsuit against a homeowner. 

Home insurance qualifies you for a mortgage loan.

Mortgage lenders won’t loan a consumer money to buy a home if that consumer doesn’t protect that property with home insurance. 

A home insurance policy is therefore important for qualifying you for a home loan. 

Reach Out To Us

At L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC, we’re available to assist homeowners in the Bronx, NY area. You can get in touch with us for insurance information and quotes on the home insurance policies that we offer. 

Safe Driving Tips for New York Motorists

Navigating the bustling streets of Bronx, NY can be challenging for even the most experienced drivers. Staying safe on the road not only protects you and others but can also help keep your insurance premiums in check. At L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC, we are committed to promoting safety and providing personalized auto insurance solutions for local residents.

Here are some practical safe driving tips to help you reduce the risk of accidents:

Stay Focused and Alert

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. To stay safe, always keep your eyes on the road and avoid using your cell phone, eating, or engaging in other activities that can divert your attention. It is also essential to be aware of your surroundings and anticipate potential hazards, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Tailgating can lead to rear-end collisions, which are common accidents in urban areas like the Bronx. Maintaining a safe following distance allows you enough time to react and avoid potential collisions. A general rule of thumb is to stay at least one car length behind the vehicle in front of you for every 10 mph you are traveling.

Obey Traffic Laws and Speed Limits

Following traffic laws and adhering to speed limits are crucial for ensuring road safety. Speeding not only increases the risk of accidents but can also result in higher auto insurance premiums. Be mindful of posted speed limits and adjust your speed according to road conditions, weather, and traffic.

Be Cautious in Adverse Weather

Adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and fog, can significantly impact visibility and road traction. When driving in poor weather, slow down, use your headlights, and maintain a greater following distance to ensure a safe journey.

Keep Your Auto Insurance Updated

At L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC, we believe that safe driving is essential for the well-being of our Bronx, NY community. Contact us today to discuss your auto insurance needs and learn more about our personalized solutions.

When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Why get life insurance at all? For most people, this coverage will financially protect them from stressful life situations, like unexpected medical expenses or sudden deaths in the family. Most people buy life insurance to pay for funeral expenses, pay off debts, diversify investments, and plan for college or business moves. 

At L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC, our team is committed to providing New Yorkers with the best insurance available. This means crafting an insurance plan that covers all of your most ardent needs. 

Are You Ready for Life Insurance?

You may be wondering when is the best time to buy life insurance. Younger people tend to put off this sort of coverage, largely due to having fewer responsibilities and healthier outlooks. Older people, on the other hand, are often gathering friends and family members who are financially dependent on them. If you have a family member who relies on your paycheck, then it’s recommended that you purchase a plan that protects him or her from financial loss. This will give your family member a true sense of security and peace of mind.

This type of coverage may change based on certain circumstances, like whether the buyer has a medical condition. Many newlyweds choose to purchase life insurance right after they marry. 

Finding a Life Insurance Plan in Bronx, NY

If you’re a Bronx resident who’s ready to buy insurance, then you’re in luck. L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC is a Bronx, NY-based agency with life insurance coverage. To hear more about our services, contact us today to get in touch with an agent. We’d be happy to book an appointment or answer any of your questions. 

How much workers compensation insurance do you need?

When it comes to workers’ compensation insurance, it is important to have the right amount of coverage from L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC for your Bronx, NY business. Depending on the type of business you own and the state you are in, the amount of coverage can vary. Generally, most states require businesses to carry at least some form of workers’ compensation insurance. 

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

It is important to understand how much workers’ compensation insurance you need so that you can adequately protect your employees and your business. Most states require employers to carry a minimum amount of coverage; however, depending on the size of your business, you may need more coverage than what is legally required.

If you employ a large number of people or if your employees work in hazardous conditions, it may be necessary to increase your insured limit. Additionally, if you are in an industry with high-risk potentials such as construction or manufacturing, it may also be beneficial to get extra coverage for additional protection.

No matter what type of business you own or where it is located, having adequate workers’ compensation insurance will help ensure that both your business and employees are adequately protected in case of an accident or injury. Make sure that you do your research and consult with a professional before deciding how much coverage is right for you.

Reach Out To Us

For more information, or if you want to explore getting a worker’s compensation policy to protect your employees and your business, call us at L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC today. We proudly serve the Bronx, NY area and would be glad to help you find a policy that suits your needs and your budget.

Living in the Bronx: Maintaining your Roof

The best type of roof for the Bronx, NY neighborhood depends on several factors such as the style of the building, budget, and personal preferences. However, some of the most common and suitable roofing options for the area include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and flat roofing systems with rubber or asphalt membranes.

These materials are durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand extreme temperature changes and harsh weather conditions that are common in the Bronx. The roofing materials recommended for the area are those that can withstand hot summers, cold winters, and heavy rainfall.

This is why we recommend consulting with a professional roofing contractor to determine the best option for your specific needs.

Finding Coverage for your Roof in Bronx, NY

In some cases, it can be more difficult to get insurance coverage for roofs due to various factors such as the age and condition of the roof, the material used, and the area’s climate and weather conditions.

Insurance companies typically assess the risks associated with insuring a roof and may either charge higher premiums or refuse coverage if the roof is considered too old or in poor condition, or if the area is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, hail, or earthquakes.

To take care of your roof take regular inspections of its surface. Regularly clean the roof of debris and ensure that your ventilation systems are clear. It is also recommended to avoid allowing anyone on your roof, as walking too much on the surface adds unnecessary pressure.

Regardless of your building style or roof age, there is often a path to coverage, so if you are concerned about your roof condition or insurability, then you should contact us so we can review the options available for your home’s needs.

L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC Is Here To Help

At L M Insurance & Financial Services LLC, we are here to guide you through all of your insurance needs. Let us know what we can do to help you feel comfortable with your roof and coverage options. We are available to help.

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"Proudly servicing the New York, Tri-State Area for nearly 20 years. Miami FL office coming soon.."

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